Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to the Books

Today we started back with our formal studies.

Here is mamma with all of her 'students' this school year.  Although the other two should have joined us because they too are learning so much without much effort.

This year we are using The Prairie Primer that my sister-in-law Stacy lent me years ago.  I have held onto it until all of the girls were able to benefit from it.  We are super excited about it.   One thing I love about this curriculum is that the Bible is it's foundation.  
During some free time, the big girls made log houses like the ones that Pa and Ma had built.

We made an edible craft.   They're suppose to be acorns.  We gathered a good handful of real acorns on our nature walk after lunch.  Today was a tad bit on the chilly side, but the girls thought it was necessary to break out the hats and gloves.  Jackets would have been plenty warm, but they are a little enthusiastic about snow!

Bailie's nature notebook.

We started a Lap-book today to assist in their learning.  Our children thrive with anything artsy!

We all tasted cracklings and plan on using our hog's bladder as a balloon when we go to butcher next month.  The girls want to try to cook the tail like they recommend also... as long as they don't ask me if I want a bite!!!

It was a good day overall.  It does feel good to be back on a schedule.  


heartland farmhouse said...

Love how you did 1st day pictures for each of them!
And...teacher & her students are pretty cute too!
I giggled 'bout the hats & gloves bit...my Hannah 'needed those this morning too' ;) ...but I could only find 1 glove. So, she had to settle for just a hat!

kelly said...

jenn i love your 1st day pics and you look great!! =)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Great pics, Jenni! And what a gorgeous photo of you and your students. Have a great start to the year!

Traci said...

Love the photo with you and your students. They are adorable and you look absolutely stunning!!! You inspire me in my journey! So eager to keep up with your year and the wonderful things you're doing with those beautiful kiddos.

Love, Traci

Amanda said...

love the first day pictures! I pray your school well goes well!

Kim said...

Happy smiles on the first day are so fun to remember! A new year to learn new things, places to visit, and fun times just being at home. I'm praying for you and the children.