Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rylie's Dough

For some reason, Rylie has been in the mood to fix dough.  Not just any dough, Rylie's dough.  There is no recipe for this dough, she just dumps and stirs.  A lot of flour, a little sugar, a few eggs.  We have to convince her that it needs to bake before anyone would taste it, and adding cinnamon and sugar sure would help it out a bit.  Of course the only time she wants to make Rylie's dough is when I'm scrambling around trying to put supper on the table.  Daddy came in the other night and gave her the idea of transforming her dough into these.  She was very pleased with the outcome.

Please don't ask me for the recipe...I have NO IDEA!!!  :)


Jedidja said...

Mjammie! And what a nice picture.

Sandy said...

Looks wonderfully delicious...however, that was not mentioned!!! Hmmm...still waiting to get the taste outcome!!! :0) Love the picture!! Wish i had a chef's hat like that!!

kelly said...

YUM!! they look great, rylie!! =)

Traci said...

Rylie, Can Miss Traci have some? They look wonderful! GREAT pic, Mom!

Miss Traci