Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real Life and Some Ramblings

I have really been enjoying my new camera lately!  It is so easy to get the close-up pictures of what looks nice and be able to blur out the background.  No one can see my sticky floors, my over-flowing trash cans, my piles of laundry, or my children roaming from room to room seeking something to mess up.  It's a dream!!!

So the other day, I decided to grab my camera and take these shots for you...

Yes, I was tempted to make it small so you couldn't see the mess very well.  Notice the lunch that is still on the table and floor.  The geranium in the middle of the table needs to be transplanted in a major way!!!

Obviously I'm canning...there's that geranium again.  Confession time:  those boxes under my counter, they have been there since Christmas.

The children LOVE to make forts or play 'hot lava' with the couch cushions.  What they don't love is cleaning up after themselves.  Yes, I know, I need to train them better...working on that one!  Please take note that the mess lingers down the hall and even though I don't have a picture to prove it, into the bedrooms as well.  Also notice the bucket on the cabinet.  That was from days before when we had sick ones. (No one actually used it or it wouldn't still be there, just in case you were wondering)

Did I forget to mention that?  Yes, 5 of them tested positive for strep *sigh*.   So they were all entertained by movies for a few days to keep them in a more restful state.

I have 'visited' blogs where everything looks perfect.  The children are always nicely groomed and well dressed, the house appears to be in mint condition all the time, they are very creative and crafty, the children seem to always get along, ect....

Notice I only visited them, I usually don't go back.  They leave me feeling very inadequate.  My life isn't that way.  We wear play clothes most of the time.  My house feels dirty more than it feels clean.  I would love to be more crafty, but I just don't have time during this season of my life.  We strive to build sweet relationships among our children, but we sure have a long way to go!

I don't ever want to give a misconception of our family.  We don't have it all together!!!    We are still (and will be until our Father comes to take us home) in a constant state of learning.  If we did have it all together, why then would we need a Savior?  Why would I need to daily rely on Him for strength to do the tasks he has blessed me with?

Maybe you too feel a bit over-whelmed at times.  The house is a disaster you don't know which pile to start attacking first.  You see character issues in those precious children (and yourself) that need some major attention.  Your getting behind in schooling and you just started the new year.  You thought you were done with canning those tomatoes and then your helpful husband (I mean that sincerely) brings in a bucket full of them.  Your schedule seems so full that you can't possibly get everything accomplished.

I  can't give you an easy formula to 'get your life in order and keep it that way'.  I can tell you that God is our source of strength! (Philippians 4:13)  He has given us this life and He wants to use our daily trials to transform us into the image of His Son.  I'm also learning that thanksgiving produces joy.
" Thanksgiving is inherent to a true salvation experience;  thanksgiving is necessary to live the well, whole, fullest life." Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts
He gives us such good gifts and we can have blurred vision sometimes and only see all that needs done and not see what he has already given.  Yes, life can have it's challenges, but we must learn to be thankful in all circumstances (1 Thess. 5:18) and know that God is using these circumstances to strip away the old and create in you into something more beautiful.

I'm so thankful that I'm not the person I was 10 or even 2 years ago.  He is in a constant state of teaching us, His precious children.  Will you join me in trying to be thankful for what he has given?  I desperately desire to have joy in everything!  I know you too desire the same.

So the next time you see some of my glorious pictures, (OK, there not that great) please know that behind the scenes isn't as beautiful as what I happened to capture for that split second in time. :)


Janelle said...

We're all human, but do like to put our best foot forward for the world, don't we? Wonder why we care so much?

You're doing a wonderful job, and you have the "lived in" house to prove it!

Kim said...

So true. We all "live" in our homes and we have to accept that they will either be beautiful "show-places" with the children off doing their own thing, or our homes will be a wreck most of the time, and our children will be with us living fun-filled lives. I like the latter!!

Sit back, relax and have fun with the children and canning.


Jerilyn said...

Kim - I LOVE that comment!!! It's true that when our children are always with us, that little dirt tornadoe isn't far behind. I'd rather have the dirt AND my children's hearts, than a sparkling clean home and kids who only visit for meals.

Jennie- What a great post! I don't think we realize what a heavy burden we place on the shoulders of others when we portray ourselves as having it all together. I'm sure you have just lifted a heavy weight from the hearts and minds of the wives and moms who read your blog. Bravo!

Jedidja said...

Hello, I am so glad with your posting. And when I look at your photograps it can be my home! I would like a cup of coffee with you.( thats waht Dutch moms like to do ) I think it's nice to talk about children, parenting. Your blog brings me a good idea for my blog. A new topic. Thank you.

Lacey said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS! I work 45 mins away 3 days a week and two of those days, i work 8am to 9pm. My home gets ahead of me. I want my floors to always be swept for my little 7 month old baby girl.. but that doesn't always get done!! I feel like our sisters in Christ can be so upsetting with their judgements of our homes :( It makes me sad to even say that... but we're made unperfect! Thats why we need JESUS! LOVE EACH OTHER AND LEND A HELPING HAND BEFORE A COMMENT OR JUDGEMENT!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I am working so hard on trying to let the house go a bit. It has caused so much frustration and anger because of my unreasonable expectations. I loved seeing pictures of a real home with real children and a real mess. I have them as well. I love blogs that don't show perfect, but real honest life.

kelly said...

Thank you, Jenn!!! I need to revisit this post often. I let myself feel ashamed of our home bc of my own expectations and worries about what others will think of me as a wife/mother/homemaker. i love to hear that we aren't the only house that doesn't get cleaned up immediately after a mess is made!! Love you so much!! =)

Amanda said...

I struggle to keep up on the house cleaning around here...there is just so much to clean up :) I'd rather be playing with my littles :) Blessings!