Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Camp

This week was our family camp.  It is the week that our family waits for all year long.  This camp marks the end of our full-week groups.  It is always a time of sorrow to know that summer is coming to a close.  

Our week was full of...

Reptile holding,

creek swimming,

Animal petting / riding,


Jeff, Cyle (our niece) and Scott (Jeff's oldest brother)

carnival going,

cafeteria dining,


patience testing,

tooth losing,

friend making,

camera training, 
(thanks Shannon and Traci)

dirt saturating,

daytime lounging,

cousins visiting,

smile making,

 Sam's Club running, kettle corn popping, snack bar tasting, supplies stocking, alter kneeling, memory holding.

What a fabulous way to spend our week.


kelly said...

what a great post!!! love all the pics!! love the time we spent there too. always a great week!! =)

Kim said...

Making Memories is so fun!!

I just love seeing all the children and friends that mean so much to me.

Thanks for a wonderful week with you and your family.

Try and get some needed rest and relaxation this coming week.


heartland farmhouse said...

Hey! So you're the 'Camp Folks'...I've been enjoying reading about it over on Shannan's Blog!!!

God Bless YOU & this AWESOME ministry of yours!


Trav 'n' Renee said...

Sounds like an encouraging week and such a blast, Jenn!! We love looking at your pictures and seeing the kids grow!!

Traci said...

Oh, how I love you and your family! Thank you for all of your hard work. You bless so many! We had a GREAT time!! Your pictures are fabulous!

Love, Traci