Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thankful For...

Yes, Cinnamon Life is our families favorite cereal by far.  But I mean more specifically, LIFE itself.  He has given us LIFE and He wants us to live this LIFE to the full by abiding in Him.  That is something to be thankful for!

I'm thankful for a baby girl who is quickly learning new tricks.  We are all so proud of her new accomplishment.

I'm thankful for a garden that is abundantly producing fresh produce (along with weeds) for my family.

I'm thankful for grace that was extended to me from my children today when I responded harshly to them, and the undeserving love they showered on me.

I'm thankful for grandma's who stop by just to love on their grandchildren.  Not to mention all of their selfless help throughout the years.

I'm thankful for a hard working husband who lives love for his family everyday.

I'm thankful for eager hands that offer to help.  Not only my children but Bridget last week during RENEW Camp and Jessica this coming week for Family Camp and Kids Camp.  Thanks you for offering your gifts of service to our family during our busiest time.  You both have been such a sweet blessing to me.

After 8 years in the digital point and shoot world, this week I finally entered the world of digital SLR.  I'm thankful for a good camera to help me catch some wonderful shots of my precious and fast growing family.  Now to learn how to use it. :)

I'm thankful for sweet friendships that encourage me to be the wife, mother and friend that God has called me to be.  Friendships that always point to the cross when we get off balance.  Friendships that intercede on my behalf.  Thank you dear ones.


kelly said...

wow, jen!! that camera takes great shots!! love the one of your mom and also the one of you!! =)

Kim said...

What a wonderful post.

Little children to love and hold. Rough and tough little men to snuggle. Young ladies to help and train for His glory. A loving mother to help in times of need and a wonderful, gentle and caring husband who cherishes you and his family. Food to put away for winter. And a new camera! You are a blessed woman!!!

A thankful heart is precious to the Lord.


Traci said...

Love this!! So pleased with reading your blog. It makes me reflect and give thanks as well. You bless me, Jen'! So very much. Your camera makes me worry that I could be out of a job. :(

Love, Traci

Mamma said...

Jennie!! This is YOU! How on earth did I miss your blog? I can't wait to keep in touch with you online. You've got a really cute place here.

See you soon! :)

ps - This is Shannan. I dare not log mom and dad out again. Ha.