Monday, July 25, 2011

First Give Away

We are offering our very first give away to one of you, dear friends.

The Ministry of Motherhood:  Following Christ Example in Reaching The Hearts Of Our Children By Sally Clarkson

Sally addresses how mothers can effectively reach the precious lives entrusted to their care by looking to the life and ministry of Jesus. She examines the relationship between Jesus and his disciples, and incorporates a plan for influencing children for Christ using the acrostic GIFTS: Grace, Inspiration, Faith, Training and Service. It is an uncomplicated, yet strategic, plan for passing on crucial gifts to your children. In the dailyness of providing for your children’s physical, emotional and social needs, GIFTS provides a way to insure that vital opportunities for spiritual nurture and training are not lost in the shuffle.

Using biblical wisdom and practical teachings, Sally shows how you can make a lasting difference in your child’s life by following the pattern Christ set with his own disciples; a model that will inspire and equip you to intentionally embrace the rewarding, desperately needed, and immeasurably valuable ministry of motherhood.

Part One: The Gift of Grace
1. Out of the Boat--a Model for Grace
2. The Grace of Time Together
3. The Grace of Encouraging Words
4. The Grace of Forgiveness in Action
Study and Discussion: Giving Your Children the Gift of Grace
Part Two: The Gift of Inspiration
5. On the Mountain--a Model for Inspiration
6. Inspiring a Sense of Purpose
7. Inspiring a Sense of God's Powerful Presence
8. Inspiring a New Kind of Love
Study and Discussion: Giving Your Children the Gift of Inspiration
Part Three: The Gift of Faith
9. Enough for a Lifetime--A Model for Faith
10. Faith in a Living God
11. Faith in God's Living Word
12. Faith in the Spirit's Power
Study and Discussion: Giving Your Children the Gift of Faith
Part Four: The Gift of Training
13. Persistent Miracles--a Model for Training
14. Training Children to Think
15. Training Children to Pray Effectively
16. Training Children for Tribulation
Study and Discussion: Giving Your Children the Gift of Training
Part Five: The Gift of Service
17. Compassionate Harvest--a Model for Service
18. Serving with a Willing Heart
19. Serving with Hardworking Hands
20. Serving in God's Strength
Study and Discussion: Giving Your Children the Gift of Service

How to enter:

1.) Simply leave me a comment telling me you would like to be entered in the drawing.
2.)  Leave a comment of your favorite Mothering/Parenting book.

By leaving these 2 comments, you are able to enter 2 times.

My heart is to encourage fellow women in biblical motherhood.  We are fashioning the little lives that God has entrusted to our care.

I will be drawing a winner on Friday, July 29th.  This will ship for free too.  (U.S. residents only, Sorry.)

Good luck!!!


Christie said...

I love love love this book... got it from the library last year, and was so challenged by it! It's now on my Amazon wishlist ;)

Christie said...

Oh - and favorite Mothering/Parenting book.... that's hard! I love Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, and I'm currently reading two great books; Give them Grace, by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic.

Jill said...

Here goes again... :)

Sounds like a book worth reading! Thanks for letting me know about the drawing Jennie. Enjoyed "catching up" a bit too.

Jill said...

Yay! It worked! My favorite parenting book off the top of my head is Ginger Plowman's "Don't Make me Count to Three". I've read it and re-read it.

Sarah Flory said...

This sounds like a wonderful book Jennie...would love to be in on this drawing!

Sarah Flory said...

So far my favorite mothering book is Prayers and Peanut Butter by Barbara Classon. Simple and sweet encouragement!

Kari said...

Would love a copy of the book! Favorite book on motherhood "power of a praying parent"

nogmamme said...

I have been wanting this book for awhile now :)

nogmamme said...

Its so hard to choose a favorite book. I have read so many! I really like Loving the Little Years and Seasons of a Mother's Heart

Momma of 4 said...

I love your blog!! The parenting book that comes to mind is Shepherding a Child's heart by Ted Tripp.

Kim said...

What a nice give away! I too would like to read this book.


Kim said...

I have to agree with many of the other mothers Shepherding a Child's Heart is my favorite and a close second is Prayers and Peanut Butter: A Mother Book.


Tami said...

i would like to enter! :)

Tami said...

i like "different children different needs" by charles boyd

josie said...

hey, jennie--i'd like to enter! we've all been sick the past 2 weeks. it seems like i always need to "reset" my mothering after an illness, especially if i've been sick too. this book would be a good way to do that, for sure.

josie said...

favorite parenting book. . . probably a tie between shepherding a child's heart by tedd tripp and teach them diligently by lou priolo.

Mama Hen said...

I would love to read this. I have heard of Sally for years, but I have never read her books.

I would say Shepherding Your Child's Heart would be my most recommended parenting book. I also like The Shaping of a Christian Family, by Elisabeth Eliot.

Jennifer said...

I'd love a copy ... thanks for the chance!