Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poor Little Guy

Over the weekend Sam came in from the garage in tears.  He had a boo boo on his thumb.  It appeared the cat had scratched him, but because of his 2 year old dialect, we will never know for sure.

Tuesday evening he started to complain and really favored it.  It started to swell and turn pink.  Wednesday morning it was warm to the touch.  I took him yesterday to the doctor and they said it is Cellulitis and they haven't ruled out Cat Scratch Disease.  CSD can show up weeks later.  For now they are treating him with an antibiotic orally and topically.

I know this isn't the greatest picture, but it does show the tightness of his skin.  
I never knew that there was a disease you could get from being scratched by a cat.  God is using my children to teach me all sorts of things. :)


Rachel said...

Mason had cellulitis last summer from a teeny scratch. It swelled up and got really tight just overnight. If these are the biggest boo boos with our boys, I think we'll both be thankful :)

Janelle said...

Poor little fellow! I bet he's getting some extra love this week :)

Christie said...

Poor little guy... hope he gets to feeling better soon!