Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I still remember that day.  The one when my sisters and mom came racing up the stairs all giggles.  I met them at the door, they handed me a bouquet of flowers that had just been delivered.  They waited with smiles wide while I opened the attached card.  It was from a man I just barely knew, one I was very interested in getting to know better.

Then there was that other time that you showed up at my door, all dressed up, with a single rose in hand.  It was that night you asked me to be your forever bride.

Thirteen years and six tokens of our love later, you are still the man that fills my dreams.  Although you don't bring home cut flowers anymore: you do bring me fruit trees.  Trees, that with time will blossom and bear fruit that grows bigger and taste sweeter. 

Our love has done the same you know.  It has grown from that young, fragile infatuation to a full blossom, year round fruit bearing devotion.  Time can do wonders to a marriage.

Even though you don't poetically grace my ear with love letters, you live love for us everyday.  You work so hard to provide for us.  You dream BIG for us.  Nothing you do is for yourself, it is all for US.  You show me how much you love us by investing deep into us.  Although you hear me say that I wish you would speak 'love' to me more,  God continues to show me that you are speaking it, it's just a little foreign to my language.

We are made so different, man and woman.  Our needs so opposite from the other.  Learning to fully embrace these differences will in-turn build a harmonious unity.

So why am I talking about marriage on Father's Day?  Because without marriage there would be no family.  Our children see their father love their mother.  They know that you and I are committed to each other for life.  They feel secure in our home.  This is the best gift you have given to our children.

Thank you for loving us the wonderful way that you do.  
Happy Father's Day!

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What a beautiful post! You did a fabulous job articulating your message to your man!

Happy Father's Day to him!