Monday, June 6, 2011

A Giant Step For Jack

Today, Jack finally released his tight arms from around my neck and sat himself in our baby float.  He even allowed me to let go of the raft as he was 'swimming' or paddling back and forth from my mom to me.  I was so proud of him for taking this giant step.  

I was talking to him in the pool and said, "Oh Jack, I'm so proud of you.  Are you the same Jack I used to know?"  He quickly responded, "Yes mom, remember, I'm the same Jack that came out of your tummy."  

Later grandma had Sam on her raft and was steeling kisses from him.  She told him, "You're a good kisser."  He said, "yeah."  She replied, "Oh, you already knew that huh?"  He said, "Yeah, Mom."  I must tell him that often.  :)

My cousin Sally took this picture when we were in FL last fall.

These boys are so dear to this momma!