Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Table Is Set For Two

We reach high and gently bring down the delicate china.  We carefully wash away the dust that has made its self at home.  We then lay our slices of cheese cake upon the saucers and fill our cups with coffee (de-caff).

Bailie and I then sit down to enjoy a special mother and daughter time.   

I long after my children's hearts. For how can I expect them to listen to my heart if I don't have theirs?

  The bible tells us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45b), so we allow for lots of time to talk.  Here are few ways that we have found to search deep into our children's hearts.

  • We have been making our way through this treasure of a book and its companion guide.  It is full of rich information for a girl in her tween years.  It is a wonderful conversation starter and allows time for mom to listen to her daughter and also give wise council.  In a few years we plan to read this book and this one.  
  • I try not to go anywhere alone.  I used to get very excited when I was able to run an errand all by myself...but now I use that time as an opportunity to bring someone along for a special time with just mom and baby of course.  This allows time for just talking about things that are on their hearts.  Things that I want them to be able to tell me.  
  • Now that Bailie is getting older, we have started to let her stay up with us at least one night a week.  We either sit on the bed and talk or read another chapter in our book.  Sometimes it's just a good cuddle time.  Last night we used that time for a coffee party.   But it is special to her because she gets moms undivided attention, as long as baby is asleep. :)
  • One benefit of educating at home is that I get to spend lots of time with my children.  We have lots of time to talk...although not always without interruptions.   I want my children to feel they can talk to us about anything and everything.  To share their desires and longings. 
  • When we read God's word together it always stirs up conversations.  Areas that we can make applicable in their little lives.   A way that we can relate God's heart to them.  
    I would love to hear some ways that you have found to keep your child's heart. 


    Christie said...

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful, practical ideas! And thank you for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words!

    Lana said...

    Love this, Jennie! I want to plan these special times with my children; I want their hearts. Drooling over the cheesecake and the coffee is just the color I like it. :) Special memories for you and Bailie!

    Collisha D. said...


    Thank you for directing me to your blog. It is wonderful!! I too use the beautiful girlhood. Have you heard of or used Training Our Daughters to be Keepers At Home? We as moms, have a great responsibility to train our daughters to be Godly women and mothers and these books are a great help.

    Trav 'n' Renee said...

    Hey Miss Jennie!!
    I haven't visited your blog for a while and I am so encouraged as I sit here reading some of the posts! This post was an especially good reminder to listen to my boys and intentionally spend time with them. Thanks for pointing me to Christ with your blog and life!! Love you!! Renee