Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer's Challenge

The temperature of summer makes it easier to wear items of clothing that are cooler.  The deeper my relationship grows with the Lord and the more my husband shares with me, the more I desire to dress modestly.  Men already struggle in this area, why would I want to add to their battle?  Why would I want a man, whose heart belongs to another, to look at my body?  My body is not my own, it is my husband's as well.  I want to protect it for his eyes alone.  

Our children are watching everything that we do, including how we dress.  Do we really want men of all ages drooling over our daughter's body and sinning with her in their minds?  I sure don't.  I pray that they will choose to dress in a manner that will help their fellow brothers in Christ and bring glory to the Lord.  

When we dress we should ask ourselves questions like:  Is everything covered?   Am I showing too much of my skin?  Is it too short or too tight?  Who am I trying to please by dressing this way?  Will this turn heads?  Is this honoring to my husband and the Lord? 

"If I am taking part in something that would cause another believer to stumble, it would be better for me to have a giant rock tied around my neck and be drowned.  (reference to Matthew 18:4-7)

Are we so worried about wearing what's 'in style' that we would wear items of clothing that would cause another man or young man to stumble?

"Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."  Proverbs 31:30

I was reading this today and was reminded of this very issue.  While today my young boys are enjoying the sand and water at the ocean's edge, tomorrow there will be a battle raging inside them.  A battle to keep their eyes and minds pure from the filth that surrounds them.  Please fellow mother, teach your children as well, the importance of modesty for the sake of the next generation. 



Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I am passionate about teaching both my boys and girls modesty. It starts with me.

I like to dress stylish, but layer a lot and try to make sure my clothing isn't too tight.

My hubby does not want me in jumpers and tennis shoes. But I believe the Proverbs 31 woman was dressed in dressed nicely. It says she clothed herself with fine linen. That means she wasn't running around in her sweats and t-shirts all day long. I try to have a cute top on, perhaps a skirt, a pair of capri's or not so tight jeans.

My hubby is passionate about this as well. He does not want me showing off my body. I know so many women who's husbands want them to dress sexy. I think they are insecure and want to show other guys their "trophy". It is sad but true. they are always amazed that my hubby is different and have so much respect for him in this area.

I tried to find a swimsuit for my 8 year old daughter two days ago. Wow, was that a challenge. Even the one-piece swim suits were backless, french cut or low cut. Why do they feel they need to sexualize our little girls? I don't get it. Everyone freaks out over child molesters, yet they are tempting them with the way they dress their children! What!?!?!

Sorry, that is my little soapbox. Can you tell I'm passionate about this subject? LOL!

It is so nice to be able to comment on your blog again. Blogger sure is slow at fixing this problem.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great post! You have a nice blog here :)

Angela said...

love this post! thanks for sharing.

Gail said...

It's like Stacie said, everything is sexualized in our culture. Just the other day I was walking behind my 4 year old. She was wearing a skirt with the shorts under it, but as I was walking behind her, I realized how short it was! Now, I know she's only 4, but she's not too young to start training in the ways of modesty! Thank you for this post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, swimsuits are a problem. I can't find a good, modest one at all!
How am I supposed to swim? Argh!