Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Joy of Work

This evening we spent outdoors working on various projects.

Tilling the garden was one of them.

Weeding flower beds, trimming bushes, spraying round up and weed eating were some others.

Sam did a good job at hoeing around the potato plants.  He loves to work.

We can't work without a little bit of play. 

I so love this little guy!

And he sure loves his dad and the tractor.

I loved this picture of Sam's little arm around his daddy's back.  Too cute! 
Just for the record, the tiller wasn't running when Sam got his ride.  Daddy was parking it.

Our children love to work along side of us.  We tell them all the time how much they contribute to the family.  They love to hear how much they are needed.  It amazes me how much we can accomplish in just one evening.  Thank you children for all of your hard work.

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