Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blessed by Servant hood

A BIG Thank you to all of our quizzing friends and Scott Hobbs who came out to the camp this past weekend and helped us with a variety of jobs.  You were a wonderful help!

Scott loading the dump truck with mulch to be hauled to different areas around the camp.

Coming back from spreading the mulch on the trails.

The kitchen workers who did a fabulous job.

Spreading mulch around the play area.

There was even time for sweet fellowship.

And fun on the tractor.

Eating our meals / Krista organizing work crews.  She is an awesome leader!

Cleaning trays.

These folks are hard workers!  They also know how to make work enjoyable.  Some of the jobs they worked on were:
  • Cleaned the bath rooms
  • Picked up sticks around the grounds
  • Spread mulch in the trails
  • Spread mulch around the play area
  • Cleaned out the mini pond
  • Cleaned out the fountains
  • Moved wood
  • Cleaned the Cafeteria
  • Washed all the trays, cups, silverware
  • Cleaned up the tabernacle

We really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the camp.  We are looking forward to seeing  more of you this summer.

Blessings to you all from all of us,
Jeff, Jennie, Bailie, Rylie, Lillie, Jack, Sam & Maddie

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kelly said...

WOW i haven't seen the new tables in the cafeteria!! they look moveable, which would be nice to have a large/open indoor area when i rains!! =)