Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a weekend!

Jeff, Maddie and I headed to the MidWest Homeschool Convention Thursday at lunch time.  That morning I had found out that I had a kidney infection.  The doctor sent us with antibiotics so no worries.  We were off and ready for our refreshing and relaxing days.

We were able to sit in on three seminars that night, one of them was from Todd Wilson on Lies homeschooling moms believe.  His book is a must read for any one who is or is thinking about homeschooling.  In all actuality, it would be good for any woman to read.  I will probably post more on this at a later date.
After our sessions we met up with some good friends, Greg and Lana, and had supper and sweet fellowship.  What a blessing their friendship has been to us!

Then back to our hotel for good sleep...or not.  At 2:00 am we were off to the ER.  After some morphine, Cat Scan and more antibiotics, we were headed back to the hotel room in hopes that I would pass a kidney stone quickly and painlessly of course. :)

When we returned to the hotel at 8:00 am, the manager was kind enough to let us stay for a few hours past check-out to get some sleep.  Maddie was also kind enough to sleep along with us. :)

After lunch and more pain meds, we headed back to the convention.  We were able to make our purchases and Jeff was able to sit in on one more session.  Maddie and I sat in the hall and kicked back for a while.

We then were able to watch Tim Hawkins at 5:30, purchase a few gifts for the kiddos and then we were homeward bound.

Bridget had all the kids tucked into bed for us. :)  Kudos to all who helped out with the kids while we were away.  Love you all very much!

Then at 7:00 am this morning we were up and getting ready for a very special day.  Today my wonderful friend Dawn exchanged wedding vows. 

It was such a beautiful ceremony.  We were very blessed to have been apart of their special day.  
Straight from the wedding we went to Jumpies to help celebrate Winsten Emerson who is turning 6. 

Now we are home and may be here a while to re-coop from all the business.  I am not in pain anymore so we're praising God for answered prayers.  Thank you for praying along with us. 


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