Monday, April 11, 2011

Re-evaluating priorities

I was reminded again this morning how important it is to re-evaluate our families priorities.  This isn't something we do once and then we're set to go.  It is something that we try to look at yearly or when something comes up that one of us might want to get involved in.  We always need to make sure that anything we want to do outside the home lines up with our families goals/priorities.  There are a lot of good things that can take our time away from the better things.

Kelly Crawford over at Generation Cedar wrote the first post of a series on Balancing Everything in Your Busy Life .  She just gave birth to baby #9, so I am confident that she has some good advice to share as they have had to learn along the way.  :)  
She reminded me that there are different seasons in my life that will allow for different involvements.  This high calling of motherhood is my main purpose (next to being a godly wife) and way to serve my Lord in this season of my life. 


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Janelle said...

It is definately an on-going process!