Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeff

Jeff turned 36 on Monday.  It was a day of making cards, wrapping gifts and baking his favorite pie (custard).
Later on he wanted to take us out to the Asian Buffet.  If you haven't ate there before, you need to experience it.  They carry a variety of food including octopus.  No, I didn't try it.  I'm not into fish. 

You are an awsome leader of this crazy family and I am proud to be your wife!

I truly feel that God has allowed us a small taste of heaven by blessing us with such a sweet marriage.  I'm  grateful that when all is chaos around us I can fall into your arms and find peace.  Someday we will be able to look back on these years and smile wide and maybe even wish for them back. :)  

I love you dearly and these half a dozen kids you gave me.  It is my honor to serve you and them as unto the Lord.   Happy 36th birthday!!!


Janelle said...

Happy Birthday to Jeff!
So happy that you are happily married-it's really the best gift all year long ;)

Homestead Living said...


kelly said...

happy birthday, jeff!! you guys were at the asian buffet, you should have stopped by!! ;) that is kierstyn's favorite place to eat!! love ya!!