Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Lillie

Celebrating today with Grandma Nana and Bridget!

Happy birthday Miss Lillie pad.  Six years ago today, the Lord blessed us with such a sweet-tempered little girl.  We feel so honored to be able to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady.  
May the Lord bless you and keep you.  
May His face shine down upon you and be gracious to you. 
May the Lord look toward you and give you peace.
(Numbers 6:24)
We love you dearly!
~Daddy and Mommy
Bailie, Rylie, Jack, Sam & Maddie


Olivia Coy said...

I have a hard time believing she's that old already! That means we've now known you guys for a little over six years. I think the first time I remember you was during the first ever Gathering Place Valentine's dinner and you were pregnant with Lillie. =)

Janelle said...

I love that she shares my Noah's birthday-which would be why you guys didn't come to Noah's first birthday party, you were in labor ;)

Happy Birthday sweet Lillie!

kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Lillie!! We love you!! =)

Darla said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lillie!