Friday, March 25, 2011

A Tribute to Grandpa Angle

Today Grandpa would be turning 82.
Just thinking of him brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with joy.  He was a wonderful man who loved the Lord.  He passed that heritage on to his 4 children.  
He absolutely loved children!  All eleven of us grandchildren knew it and so did his grands now numbering 33.  
Some of my favorite memories were staying all night with them.  We would sleep on the hid-a-bed in the living room and always wake up to the aroma of bacon and coffee.  Even though it was still very early, I would get up and sit by grandpa at the table and grandma would pour me a bowl of Lucky Charms and we would eat our breakfast together.  
I remember him giving us rides in the tractors and going with grandma to take him a meal in the fields.  
I remember riding with them back and forth to VA to visit my cousins.  
I remember his whistle and his funny sayings like, 'Here we go down the road, carrying old big 6 down the road'.  
I remember his funny jokes and his orneriness. 
I remember him stopping by just to see how his great grandchildren were doing and what Jeff was up to.
I remember those rough, stiff, hard worked hands. 
He loved people and people loved him.  
I am very honored to have been able to call him grandpa.
He is missed by many but remains very dear in our hearts.

Bailie remembers combing his beard while sitting in his recliner.  She remembers the toys he made for the great grandchildren out of wood.  She was 5 when he died.

Rylie remembers wearing his hat.  I don't know if this is a memory or just because we have pictures for she was only 2 when he died.

What do you remember about him?


kelly said...

i remember always wanting to watch him take out his teeth. him holding us up so we could "pet" Oscar. his shoulder massages, that usually made you try and wiggle free cause they were so rough. grandma & grandpa taking us to mcdonalds in piqua when we'd spend the night. being outside in the garage/barn with him while he worked. him helping us at our house with trim, paint, drywall, etc!! grandpa sitting in his recliner, just watching the kids play. how much he enjoyed the greats, showing them the toys he had made out of wood, having them sit on his stuffed black bear.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! We all love and miss you SO much!! =)

Homestead Living said...

He was so excited about that bear...he knew they would all love it. :) Thanks for adding Kelly.

Brenda said...

I remember a Daddy who guided with firm discipline and strong love. Who gave me everything I needed to grow and learn. The many trips he took us on were the highlights of our year and the reward for working hard during the spring and fall, and hoeing beans all summer! I loved being outside with him and enjoyed his smell and his smile and his gentle spirit that showed up during those times. I will never forget how hard he worked for us, and how much he loved and honored our mother...he set a good example for us all to model, and gave us an extremely good Godly heritage...I miss you and will always love you Daddy!