Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enjoying The Spring Tease

What to do on a warm second day of Spring day...

Trying out the new low ropes course
Getting stuck in the mud
Before he fell in
After he fell in.  Notice his shirt...I guess he was a little off today :)
And then another one fell in
Nothing better than feeling the mud between your fingers

Searching for bugs and chalk art (photo taken by Cyle Warner)
Enjoying the sun as it would peep out every now and then (photo taken by Cyle Warner)

Running the disk through the garden and planting the potatoes
(Photo taken by Cyle Warner)
This little guy was our seeker and finder yesterday.  He found some amazing things.  At the creek he found two tadpoles and a baby shark. :)  He also found that it's easy to loose your balance at the creeks edge.  Back at the house he found lots of delicious bugs to feed our chickens.

Thank you Lord for a delightful day to enjoy some of your creation!

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